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How taking breaks can make you a more focused professional

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Last week was a sabbatical week for us at MOWE. It basically means that the studio was closed and that we couldn’t work on anything for either clients or the business itself.

The idea of this approach is to have a week to find yourself and settle down. It’s a week to relax and to do different things other than work. Anything counts, as long as you take a distance from your normal routine.

Why did you do that?

When we love what we do, we usually don’t limit our actions. We started the studio a little more than a year ago and since then we had no rest, only tons of work. The hustle was pure fire and eventually, we burned out. If this isn’t your first or second newsletter, you have heard we talking about this. It’s terrible :(

Some great friends started doing this approach a while ago and we decided to give it a try after arriving from OFFF. One of them even made a video(7m41) about it, so maybe it can clear any other question you may have. Basically, you take every 7th week off only for yourself in order to restore your mind balance and your energy.

The result was: We did. It was amazing. And you should do it too ;)

The reasons to take a break

When we do something with full intention, we usually live that and we get used to that. Habit is great for a lot of things, but not for creativity or for business. In both cases, a certain distance from things will allow us to see everything with a new perspective. Distance also allows us to analyze things with a big-picture mindset which helps to define your path and your next actions more precisely.

The great thing is that everything I expected turned out to be true. That’s exactly what this week has been. I have thought A LOT about MOWE those days, but I haven’t worked at all on our things.

Taking a distance allowed me to see things that weren’t clear or that wasn’t at all visible before. It also allowed me to reflect more, questioning me about things that will eventually help my work and my satisfaction with my own life.

The benefits we found on this approach

I believe that taking breaks like these will be a huge change in our output quality and our way of thinking. Now, we’ll be able to:

  • Analyze our business from a new perspective more often than we have been so far.
  • Reorganize our life and habits, because working in a home studio is hard and everyone who tried knows that.
  • Have our own time, find our own reasons for doing what we do and even making our own personal projects come to life if they aren’t 100% aligned to what MOWE does.
  • Rest more, which will allow us to get back with full energy.

If I could give only one tip today to you, would be:

Respect yourself as an individual and as a creator. Having time to “talk with your own self” is one of the most amazing ways to grow as a person and as a professional.

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