Saída Certa

the party


We have partnered with Relâmpago, to tell the story of a guy who is able to skip all the boring and slow payment lines using a simple smartphone app. This video was created to showcase the benefits of using Saída Certa App when going out to a restaurant or party event. Their audience is young and likes to enjoy life, that’s why we chose to present how awful it can be to wait in long lines and how easy it can be to use their app.

  • Client Saída Certa
  • Year 2015


  • Felippe Silveira Animation
  • Relâmpago Illustration
  • Matheus Pinheiro Sound Design


  • Animation
    Felippe Silveira
  • Illustration
  • Sound Design
    Matheus Pinheiro


  • Animation
    Felippe Silveira
  • Illustration
  • Sound Design
    Matheus Pinheiro

Behind the story

The Client

Saída Certa is an app that allows customers to pay their bill directly on their phone, making it easier to leave a Restaurant or Nightclub, for example.

Their Goal

Saída Certa wanted a video that could be shared online and played at the venues that accept the app. They wanted to present how time-consuming the payment lines are and how easier it was when using the app.

Excellence by Partnership

We received a request from our friends at Relâmpago, another Design Studio from Rio de Janeiro, to work together with them developing the animation for this video.

Our role was to develop the Animation phase, but we were also requested to help them with storyboard decisions and concept directions.

As we do with our clients, we are selective with the studios we partnership with. We know Relâmpago’s work for a long time, enjoy their style and have a great communication with them. Professional trust is necessary to have a good result.

Building the concept

Since the client wished to present this video inside venues that were integrated with the app, we couldn’t use voice over to tell the story. Our challenge was: How to tell a good story, without the need of sound, in a place where there was usually a big amount of visual information.

It wasn’t an easy task, but we were able to enhance the experience by focusing on unique characters, eye-catching transitions and colors, natural movements and subtle comedy.

The story concept was defined as:

A man at a Nightclub, showing how awful it was for him to spend long times on endless queues and how easier it was if he chose to use the Saída Certa app.


The main character was a skilled dancer, or at least he thought he was, enjoying a Nightclub. He is the only character in full color to give him some highlights. The other characters are a mix of human figures and anthropomorphic animals to represent, in a unique way and interesting way, the different kinds of customers of those venues. Since they are secondary, it was defined that they would all have a monochromatic color scheme, using tone variations of purple to follow the background.

Highlighting characters through animation

We developed specific animations to differ the character’s importance. The secondary characters have small and subtle animations, but the main character has bigger movements, as well as more detailed animations. We used both frame by frame and vector animations to enhance movements and to create face rotations, bringing a more realistic touch to it.

The idea behind this more energetic animation, as well as the use of many colors on the main character is to focus the viewer attention on him.

Fluid and Realistic simulation of movements

Some of the biggest challenges when animating is to simulate “real life” movements. A knowledge of Animation Fundamentals and an intense study of the human body movement is essential to create realistic and smooth motion.

Those movements are capable of not only bringing a great aesthetic to the movie, but they can also bring the viewer closer to the character, as he feels more human.

Cel Animation
Also known as frame by frame animation

We developed some frame by frame animations for the text transitions and the smoke effect.

Working with classical animation enables us to achieve smooth movements and have the creative freedom that computer generated animations aren’t capable of doing.

We mixed both computer generated and frame by frame styles to enhance the visual attractiveness of the animation.

Skipping the line

Our Sound Design partner was more than essential for this animation to succeed. As we didn’t have a Voice Over, we used the Sound Effects and Music to generate the mood and increase the experience for the web version of this animation.

As always, everything was built and thought to bring a unique and integrated experience to delight and enjoy the viewer.

Choosing to focus on the character, we were able to bring a fun and joyful tone to our animation. The knowledge of animation fundamentals makes the difference when bringing a character to life.