Pocket Energy

Tracking your activity pattern to help you recharge and feel motivated


This is the story of Abby, a very active woman who started to feel very tired and unmotivated in the last months. After trying all sorts of things, Abby found Pocket Energy App and it helped her to recharge her energy by tracking her activity pattern, energy use, and many other features.

  • Client: Pocket Energy
  • Year: 2014


  • Felippe Silveira Art Direction + Animation
  • André Flausino Ilustration


  • Art Direction + Animation
    Felippe Silveira
  • Illustration
    André Flausino


  • Art Direction + Animation
    Felippe Silveira
  • Illustration
    André Flausino

Behind the story

The Client

Pocket Energy is a Dutch mobile company that build an app to help people on how to become more active and happy by tracking activity patterns and energy use along the day.

Project Goals

Pocket Energy team came to us asking to develop an explainer video for their app release. By the time, they were still developing it and found that an explainer video was the better way to market and present the app to the world.

They wanted to use screens of the current app that was being developed to show to users what the app was capable of. An important thing for them was to make the users know that the app wasn’t a miracle cure, but a helpful tool that could make they feel better.

Building the concept with pre-made material

This was a rare case when a client came to us with a script and storyboard in hand. It’s common to lose quality when we aren’t able to work in all steps of the process, but we did our best to ensure a good quality of the project. We grabbed the materials provided and rebuild them whenever possible, to improve the story attractiveness.

After some adjustments and restructuring of scenes, we reached a concept:

We will introduce Abby, and active girl that suddenly started to feel tired and unmotivated. After looking for different methods to regain her energy, she found a great and pocket solution, Pocket Energy App.

Main Character

Our main character, Abby, is the star of the animation. Based on a research done with the audience of their app, we chose to develop a remarkable women that would visually fit a common user of the app. André Flauzino was our partner in this project, responsible for the illustrations of all characters and backgrounds.

After some conversations and sketches, we finally reached a final look for Abby.

Secondary Characters

There are also two other characters on this video. One of them is a Shrink and the other a Gym Trainer. Those two characters were essential to compose the mood for their scenes together with the background and Abby actions.

Many different places

The video story happens in many different places and that’s why we needed a good illustrator, to create different environments, with different moods.

We can see Abby in the park, laying on the couch at her house and trying to workout at the gym. Without success to regain her energy, she tries some pills at her kitchen and even goes to a shrink consult. For all of those scenes, we had to prepare each environment paying attention to the right details to develop the right mood for each moment.


There were two different aspects that we would like to emphasize in the park scene. First, we had to present the situation about how Abby was full of energy and how she was feeling tired nowadays. Second, we needed to show that this lack of energy happened over time.

What we did was to enhance these changes – from happy to tired – was the use of color change. We start the animation with a green park, full of color and Spring happiness. When she becomes tired the park changes to a yellow-brown color scheme with some leaves on the floor, representing the Autumn. Not only the background change but Abby’s color too.

The combination of the background change and the Abby’s color was essential to reinforce the lack of energy and sadness she was feeling.

App Usage

A moment that was very important for the client was to show the app interface. To simulate the app usage, we showcased it as a helpful tool to improve Abby’s condition. Abby’s hand touching the phone screen and using the app is a basic representation of an app usage, but inside the story it was able to have much more power.

This moment also serves as a transition from the lack to a full of energy Abby, which shows how important it was to improve her life.

Addressing all aspects

We showcased the app’s benefits, instigated the audience with a main character and a story behind it, presented the app usage, and joined everything together in a one minute video. Easy for the viewer to watch, share and engage.

Pocket Energy was officially launched a couple months later after we finished the video and received a great acceptance of the people since its launch. It was mentioned on different newspapers, magazines and blogs.

This Explainer Video also helped Pocket Energy App to be nominated for Best Health App at the Health App Award 2015 by MobileDoctors.nl.

With a common but captivating story we were able to help Pocket Energy becoming a reference in the Health App world.