It’s All About a Good Story – The Power of Storytelling

Reading Time: 3 minutes

MOWE Studio was created not so we can create Animations, but so we can create Stories. Here we are Designers, Animators, Developers, Musicians, Directors… but at the end, we are all Storytellers. Every design piece, every work done has a story behind it. We believe that telling stories is what impacts, attracts people attention and value our work.

Stories attract more people than mega productions.

People think that having ultra-realistic graphics, the top camera and lens on the market, or that spending thousands and thousands of money on fancy equipment and traditional marketing will bring them visibility, more sales, and more fans on social medias. They are wrong!

For example, take a look to a guy called Casey Neistat, a FilmMaker that started calling himself as a YouTuber after producing a Daily Vlog for more than 500 consecutive days. He had the option to use the greatest cameras, lightings, studios, and much more for filming his vlog – in fact, he has access to all that. Instead, he uses a single DSLR camera, most of the time pointed to his face, and at sometimes he uses just a point and shoot camera or even his cell phone. His videos were at certain points a little “shaky”, sometimes out of focus, and with a fast editing (as it needs to be edited every day).

So, why he was able to get almost 6 million new subscribers and had hundreds of thousands(sometimes millions) of view on his daily log, every single day? Because Casey knows how to tell stories like no other Vlogger ever did.

How many times did you watch to a Hollywood Film and you didn’t like it? Even with all the great photography, illumination, VFX, production, etc. At the same time, you loved that YouTube video filmed on a cell phone with the camera hand shaking all the time, right? That’s because one of them were focused only on the visuals aspects when the other was focused on the story.

A long story doesn’t mean a good story.

As storytellers, we need to have the ability of present something in a shorter amount of time. Putting a lot of content and create a huge and massive script for video or animation is the easiest part, everyone can do it. The understanding of how to take things off, how to link a sequence to the other, how to make everything flows on a single way and don’t overload the public with “heavy” content are the main abilities of the Storytellers. Going back to the Hollywood Film — Youtube comparison, we can notice that one is large, usually 1:30 hour, when the other can be less than 3 minutes.

When editing a story, what you take off is more important than what you put in.

But, what if you can join a great story with high-quality design, animations or video production? Well, you will simply achieve a Masterpiece! Going back to Casey Neistat, he has a great amount of excellent films highly produced in his career. His success on the field is related to the way he tells a story. What he does nowadays is to transcript his ability to tell stories on a daily basis content.

Ideas different from “the usual” are a lot common from Storytellers. These are the stories that stand out. Doing what the others are doing, or following a certain pattern, or “rule” will only make you stay at the same place as the others. When running a business you want to be different, be known and build a loyal audience. There’s no way to do it being the “same” as everyone. You need to invest in a good story, it can be a video, an animation, posters, a lot of things. Investing well and believing on the storyteller’s work is essential to elevate your business to the next level.

At Mowe Studio, we focus our animations on storytelling. We know how difficult it is to develop a great experience, and that’s what we aim to achieve on every single project we are in.

We can achieve that by getting the full understanding of our clients, their audience, and their brand. The result is a great experience for our client’s audience, combining great stories with beautiful design and fluid animations.