Improve Your Business and Make More Sales Through Motion Graphics

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Every business owner is searching ways to make more sales and reach more customers. Customers are the core of each business. The way we relate to them reflects on how successful our business will be. Business can use different medias for their marketing materials and customer’s relationship.

Video is the most engaging platform known for marketing, nowadays.

Do you know what is essential for a huge impact? Motion Graphics, especially if you’re working with content marketing. Even tough it’s not something new, Motion Graphics still looks mysterious for some business. That’s because they don’t understand what it is exactly and don’t know how much their business is losing by not investing on it.

What is Motion Graphics?

It’s an area of the Design that studies movements and how people relates to it. Motion Graphics take static designs and add both time and space notions to it, bringing life to unanimated objects.

Where do you see it?

You’ve seen it a lot, numerous times, and didn’t even know about it. All non-static graphics and information seen on a video that isn’t a live footage are motion graphics. You see them on news, movie titles, commercials, TV identities, and especially, on Social Media.

Motion Graphics is actually a segment of the Animation, so those two terms can be confused from time to time. There are some specificities that can differ the two of them, but there’s no need here to be nerdy around this topic at the moment.

Most of the animations you see on Social Media feeds are Motion Graphics pieces.

It can be a mix of photos with texts telling a story; the presentation of a cooking recipe with images and texts moving over it; an animation about a new software/product; or even just some information around the brand itself.

Why is it important?

Videos are considered as one of the most engaging medias we have for marketing a business. Even tough it’s highly effective, it’s not that easy to create a good video. If you’re working with live action, you’ll at least a camera, an actor or presenter, lights, good microphone, and an editor, just to launch a simple video. With Motion Graphics, little contents can be produced a lot faster and sometimes cheaper than having a video team.

If you want to invest and go further, Motion Graphics helps to increase brand perception since it gives voice and tone to the company’s brand. Seeing a brand in animated form helps clients to associate better it with a “living thing”, something that can exist besides the static mode.

Movements can tell a lot about a brand, the same way as color, shape, typography. You can use movements to translate different feelings, triggering different emotions on people.

Getting People’s Attention

In a world moved by Social Media feeds being updated every second, it’s difficult for a business to grab the viewer’s attention. Motion Graphics is proofed to be a great retainer of people’s attention, especially when compared to texts and Images, as it’s movements and story can attract and convince people about your relevancy.

Creating awareness is essential for any Marketing Strategy.

Selling through Motion Graphics

The last thing every business should know about Motion Graphics is its power for selling products and services.

Applying animation to your business does not only helps to build awareness to it but is also a great source of storytelling and client attraction.

No matter what you’re selling, having a good story to tell is what helps your product to be bought. People buy not only because of quality materials and needs, they buy because of the feeling they bring with it. How it will benefit them, how it resonates with the people they are, etc.

Especially if you’re launching a new product, different from what we see on the market, Motion Graphics is your best tool for a successful launch. Having an Animation piece explaining how your product works, how people benefit from them, and even creating an emotional relationship with your viewer, are very powerful and effective business-wise.

No matter what’s the size of your business, Motion Graphics is the best place you can be investing to boost your brand perception and audience engagement. It impacts on the buying decision of an audience by building trust.

A well-designed animation can not only increase the value of your brand but also help you make more sales and make more money.