Dealing with Failure and Turning It into Success

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Quitting a stable job and swimming in this crazy — and amazing — sea of independence and opportunities is scary and dangerous. Entrepreneurship is always a mystery. Mistakes are waiting for you at every corner and you have to learn to play the game well to survive. Don’t hold yourself back once you see a failure. The tips below are things we learned in our process and what we do and keep in mind on a daily basis.

Success is a road

One of the biggest mistakes people make in life is assuming that success is only a matter of making good decisions, or being lucky, so if you are doing something wrong you should give up before going further down that road.

Success is indeed the result of making the right choices and taking the right actions at the right time, but is it possible to hit it right every single time?


Sorry, this answer deserved a huge No.

Flaws can(and should) happen during this road. Most people see failure as a bad thing, but if you’re able to see it with new eyes your whole life can change.

The best way to learn something is to experience it. When we fail, we are learning what we need to avoid. We have suffered its consequences and will take this learning experience to the rest of our lives.

We learn and we evolve with each and new mistake we make.

Discovering the world

You were born and I know you couldn’t talk or even walk. You hit your face on the ground many times when you were learning to walk. You said many wrong words and weird sounds when you were learning to talk. Why those failures weren’t so intimidating as the ones we have to deal today? We are older and society is the devil on our shoulder.

Life and society require more responsibility for our actions than ever before. That’s what intimidates most people.

Prevent failure

When we were kids we only learned through mistakes, but failing wasn’t important in our minds, so we kept doing things until we learn it. Today, mistakes still happens all the time and we can and should learn from them. We got older and smarter to know failure is part of the learning. ;)

Whenever you are trying to do something for the first time, we usually focus our efforts on: How to do it right? instead of What mistakes are common for those starting out and how to avoid them?

Learn first what to avoid and what to expect as a failure, so you can deal with the path to success more certain that you know what you’re doing.

Think positive

Even though you can learn from others mistakes, there’s always something different from each case and story. Because of that, you can expect to fail even with a previous knowledge of the pitfalls.

That’s common, that’s normal, that’s good. But to have a good experience through failure it’s inevitable, you need to be a positive person.

Self-confidence can be something you have or something you build. If you have, what are you doing here? Go do something :)

If you aren’t the most positive person in the world, you can always build this mindset. It all starts with a lie. Just a simple lie to yourself, that you can do it.

Believing is the first step success.

If you don’t believe in you, why should others do?

The two things you can’t forget

From our experience, the two most important principles to turn failure into success and that you can’t forget are:

  • Prevent mistakes by starting with the bad things.
    Learn what to avoid, what to expect as a failure and the most common mistakes of what you’re trying to do. Preventing is the best way to walk an extra mile with safety.
  • Keep your mindset in the right direction
    Believing in yourself is the natural energy drink that powers every person in the world. You don’t need anything else when you believe you can do something. If you can, have someone you trust to share your details and your problems, they can always help you shifting back to the right mindset.

We at MOWE have experienced many different levels of failure. All of them helped us to become who we are today and to grow as people and business. By reaching where we are today this doesn’t mean we did everything right, in fact, we made many mistakes. Knowing what others have done in the past helped us to reduce dangerous failures into small mistakes, that we could pass through and improve later. Every barrier is a learning experience that takes you ahead and makes you go stronger.

Just keep your goals in mind and continue thriving for it. No matter what happens, just keep hustling.

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