The Best Type of Animated Video for Your Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Animated Videos and Motion Graphics pieces are the keys to making an impact and create a good impression. We’ve talked before about the effectiveness of video on social media and websites, and now you may be ready to start investing on it. Before searching for a studio to develop something for you, it’s good to understand what type of animation can be the best fit for your business. Today we will teach you some of the different types of animated videos, so you can search for a real specialist on it.

Explainer Video

HipPocket by MOWE Studio

Explainer Videos are one of the most requested for Business and Startups. It’s a video that promotes and presents a product at the same time it engages with an audience.

For business, it’s good to communicate well about your service/product and also to stand out over the competitors. It’s built around a story and is very recommended to business and startups launching a new product or service.

Explainer Videos make it easier for an audience to understand a new technology and the benefits behind a certain product. It’s the most engaging and effective way to launch a product/service.

Whiteboard Animation

Watch & Digest — ”Growth Hacker Marketing” by Board Studios

The Whiteboard Animations is similar to an Explainer Video, but all of them have a unique drawn style in a blank paper or whiteboard. What captivates here is how the drawings start to make connections with each other. It’s not necessarily animated, but the effect of movement is usually made by fast-forwarding the original video of the person drawing.

Even tough there’s not a defined correlation between Whiteboard Animation with low-budget projects, It’s a unique style that people adopt when they have a smaller budget.

Nowadays it’s difficult to find a great Whiteboard Animator doing something different and unique. The example above is great, but most of the times people offer a false whiteboard animation that isn’t live and done by hand. It’s needed to do a deep search when looking for professionals in this area;

How it Works

Boxful — How it Works by Intoxic Studio

How it Works videos are suggested to almost all online businesses and most of the physical ones too. They are good to tell people what experiences they will expect with a specific service. It’s also a great way to solve and answer customers questions and doubts. You can introduce your system/service in an Explainer Video, but this one is more specific and usually longer.

If you’re going to learn about a new service would you prefer to read a page full of text or spend some minutes watching an attractive and joyful video? How it Works videos helps to guide the viewer through your interface, or through your product specifications making it easier for them to start using it.

Promotional Video

TriniPEDIA by MOWE Studio

The Promotional Videos or Advertising Videos differs a little from the Explainer video. Instead of trying to make people understand how your service/product works, the goal of it is to instigate curiosity and empathy with your audience. These are usually short videos as they are easily seen on TV and Youtube as commercials, making people feel interested in the product/service and making them go search for it.

Combining a Promotional Video with others options shown here will make your business/startup to experience an increase in awareness, sales, and clients that you’ve never felt before.

Kinetic Typography

Don’t You Worry Child Kinetic Typography by Mowe Studio

The Kinetic Typography is a specific style, just like the Whiteboard. It involves telling a story using typography (or words and letters) as the main “character” of the animation. They are good to emphasize the voiceover among the video and are usually used in the music industry as a lyrics video. Kinetic Typography videos help to connect the lyrics to the music or sound, at the right time.

Content Marketing Video

Snapchat Supacut – Joel Plosz

This is the most recent one of all the different types of videos presented here. With the emerging of Content Marketing, especially in video format, appeared also the necessity to create something that can deliver content in a more engaging way.

It can be easily seen in Social Media. Some of them are mixed with live footage and others are totally based on the animation. It has been used a lot to present step-by-step guides or to showcase a message that would initially be a single paragraph but that can turn into a visual experience thanks to animation.

The example above shows a variety of videos produced for the Snapchat platform as a way to inform and/or attract the audience to visit a specific page.


There are different styles and types of animation that can help your business grow. By understanding a little about each one, you can have a better talk with the Studio you will be working with. A good communication is essential to get you the right animation for your business situation.