Our Story

Born in Brazil’s carnival,
Established in the USA,
Working around the world

The Studio

Created by two passionate minds that were tired of bad projects led by bad managers, MOWE was built with the intent to create animations that weren’t only engaging stories but also great marketing tools.

Our passion for storytelling and animation allow us to create work where information is experienced instead of only seen or heard. Unique concepts, challenges and creative boundaries act like a fuel that moves us.

Our Vision

Mowe was never created to be a big studio. We believe in the power of being small, adaptable and selective.

Our main objective as creators is to transform marketing assets into stories that can relate to people. We want more than creating beautiful things, we want to make a dent in the world through our work by empowering projects and people we believe in.


Felippe Silveira
Art Director & Animator

With many years of experience and a formal education in Motion Design, both in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona, he knows everything about keyframes, character animation and After Effects shortcuts. When he’s not putting his finger in one of our animations, he’s directing it to guarantee the quality output we all like to see. Otherwise, he’s probably traveling somewhere and certainly not eating french fries.

Rafael's Picture - Front View

Raff Marqs
Creative Director & Illustrator

With a formal Digital Design education and a lot of curiosity, he has done it all! Graphic Design, User Experience, Website Development and Design, Illustration and Music. With so many different experiences, he uses his vast experience to direct the best team of professionals to our beautiful animations. He loves gin, cheese, cats and music – not necessarily in that order – but hates watermelon.

Our Values

Ready for the remote world

If we couldn’t work well as a remote team, how would we be able to do with our clients? We solved this improving our workflow and making it ready and optimized for the modern world.


An american studio founded by Brazilians couldn’t be different. With a background experience of living in different cultures, we embrace this as a powerful quality.

Prepare, Aim and Shoot.

We take our time to understand well each client and project otherwise we could easily miss our shot. When we go forward, we do it with confidence.


We believe in the power of transparency and clear communication both within our team and with our clients.

A+ Team

We stand for quality and that’s why we chose to have a fully remote team. It allows us to work with the best clients and professionals, always tailoring specific teams for each project.

Empower the Community

We find it important to help others grow and survive in the creative field. You’ll find us in online communities, helping organize events and publishing valuable content online.