Crafting ideas into animated experiences


Many clients come to us saying “I need a video!” but with no reason or strategy to support it. Our strategy sessions help identify our client’s goals, pain points and opportunities.


Script, Storyboarding, Illustration, Animation, Voice Over and Sound Design, we take care of it all to guarantee the best quality and experience for our clients.

Focus on your business and let us handle the entire animation process

Know more about the process of our best videos


Showing the local culture and the magical world that only Trinidad and Tobago’s very own augmented reality browser can provide.



Explaining clients the benefits and the easiness that only OrderMyGear and their gear’s dealers can provide for small teams that need to produce customized gear.

seanwes Conference 2016

seanwes conference 2016 logo illustration the header of the case study

Using Motion Graphics to make seanwes conference even more unique. We brought information, laughs and people even closer.

seanwes conference 2016 logo illustration the header of the case study

These brands trusted us to tell their stories and promote their products

“Their impact went beyond their own project as their inputs ended up enhancing our product a lot. You’re in excellent hands because they genuinely care about your success and will give their very best to put you in a position to succeed. And their very best is high up there.”

Edouard Treccani

CEO & Founder at Incidee