seanwes conference 2016

Think Bigger.


seanwes conference was an event that happened in October 2016 in Austin, Texas. Tailored to people building and growing an audience-based business, the conference brought together people from all over the world to connect and discuss growing their businesses and careers in a sustainable way.

  • Client seanwes
  • Year 2016


  • Felippe Silveira and Raff Marqs Creative & Art Direction
  • Felippe Silveira Animation
  • Raff Marqs Illustration


  • Felippe Silveira and Raff Marqs
    Creative & Art Direction
  • Felippe Silveira
  • Raff Marqs


  • Felippe Silveira and Raff Marqs Creative & Art Direction
  • Felippe Silveira Animation
  • Raff Marqs  Illustration

Behind the story

The Client

seanwes is a brand focused on helping people in building a sustainable, profitable and audience-driven business. They provide valuable content in many different forms and mediums:

  • A Podcast network with content about branding, business, creativity, and podcasting.
  • An online community filled with incredible professionals helping each other to grow their own businesses and careers.
  • Courses on Writing for businesses, Pricing and Lettering – and many more exclusive courses for members of their platform

The Event

This was the first edition of their conference and the biggest event they have ever made. seanwes conference brought together people from all around the world to Austin in Texas, for three full days of talks, discussions and connections.

With the theme Think Bigger, attendees were invited to think bigger and act bigger on their own plans, goals and activities.

The importance of the conference for the brand is that it was a real experience that reflects one of the things they believe the most:

The fastest path to arrive where you want to be is to learn from people who are already there and connect with people with the right mindset to either empower or inspire you.

Objectives and Needs

The conference lasted for 3 days with many different activities happening through all days.

Different from other conferences, their focus was not on a huge list of speakers, but on:

  • The quality of the talks
  • A decent and valuable Q&A time
  • The reunion of incredible people with the right mindset
  • The availability of time during the conference for people to interact and build relationships.

With this unique approach, we partnered with seanwes to improve their communication of the several small breaks and activities that would be happen to facilitate those connections.

seanwes conference needed a visual and interesting way to highlight the different activities during the days and entertain those who were attending the event.

seanwes team

One of the first things you can notice about the content that seanwes produces is the high-quality standards they have. Everything always looks simple to its essential and polished to its maximum.

seanwes team is composed of many professionals from the creative field – Designers, Cinematographers, Audio Engineers – and this allows them to output an incredible quality in almost all areas. Not only that, but they also hired other incredible people to work with them on making this conference even more high-standard.

Our directives

Knowing the amount of incredible people working on the conference, our animations needed to be a match for the quality their brand stand for.

Their brand and graphic style is minimalistic, with a lot of attention to details but having few elements displayed.

We didn’t want to overanimate elements and that’s why we decide to make simple but really smooth animations that could be a feast for the eyes.

Animating their logo

The conference had two logos:

  • One with their own name
  • One with their bubble icon and the year’s number inside

We decided to make the type animation super smooth and simple, the shape of the bubble animation as a transition for the different backgrounds we could have.

The visual identity of the support bumpers

Bumper is a video, usually of an animation lasting around 15 seconds, that is used as an interlude or transition between two events, shows or anything similar.

To define the visual identity of the animations, we followed their choice of blue and white as the conference’s colors and united this to a graphical element of their logo

As you can see in the video above, the word conference is presented inside a white rectangular box. We saw an opportunity of using it as a card element across our animations.

The video above was displayed during the community talk segment. It was an hour reserved for people to talk, where we displayed some questions as ice-breakers for those who might not be comfortable starting conversations with strangers.

The screen time of the elements in the videos above was reduced for previewing purposes. Each question was displayed for 20 minutes and the result of community talk was a success.

Attention to details

We wanted people’s experience in the conference to be the best possible. Because of that, we made exclusive videos for each period of the day.

Repeating the schedule of the morning during the afternoon would be a waste of time for both the animations and the attendees.

Each day had two videos, one for each segment of the day, where we highlighted only what was happening next on their day.

On both videos of the first day, we also added a small segment at the end with information about Wi-Fi network and password, so people could have that information during the day of registration on the event.

The schedule was displayed to the attendees at the beginning of each day and after the lunch break. The screen time of the elements in the videos above was reduced for previewing purposes.

Active Research About Cultures and Standards

Since we knew the conference would have people from all over the world, we started our drafts using the 24-hour time format, that is considered the international standard notation.

During the process, we questioned how well Americans are used to this format – since we know they are one of the few countries that use the 12-hour notation as default. We talked with friends from all over the world and asked them how well they or their friends knew or used each of one of the notations.

From our research, we found out that:

  • Most people that use the 24-hour notation could easily understand the 12-hour notation.
  • People that use the 12-hour notation couldn’t understand as easily the 24-hour notation.

We were happy that this questioning helped us to see that the 12-hour notation would be a better direction, as even thought it isn’t an standard, it would be the most understandable format by everyone attending the conference.

Bringing joy to the viewers

Even though all the animations were matching their style, things still seemed too rigid and we wanted to bring a bit more story to it.

After a talk, whenever there’s a Q&A, there’s always a few seconds where the interviewer explains how the Q&A is going to happen and then another few seconds until someone is chosen and the mic is sent to them.

We wanted to fill this time with a small and playful animation, that would not only surprise people, but also make this time more fun and inviting for people to raise their hands and ask their questions.

We have gone to several conferences and whenever there’s a Q&A, it’s time for people to raise their hands. We wanted to surprise people during the first time the animation was being shown. They would be only expecting the title, but we added a small raising hand animation that played with the title of the section, by moving it to the either the right or the left that was opposite to the hand’s position. The result was great and people had a good laugh at it, which made the environment more relaxed.

Giving support to our own support animations

We did not only work in the support animations for the conference, but we also attended it. We flew from Brazil and we were there not only to participate and contribute to the event but also to help their team, prepare and coordinate the timings and optimal settings for the animations to be shown.


This was our first experience working with the creation of content for a conference. We learned a lot by doing this project, such as the importance of having a good coordination between teams and understanding that conferences are huge events where many things can go wrong or change at the last minute and you must be prepared emotionally and professionally to solve it.

Attendee’s feedback

We were enlightened to have received so many good comments during the conference. People were impressed by the smoothness and quality of the animations and glad to have those animations helping them to organize their plans for the next hours.