Helping Accountant's to improve their workflow and live a less exhaustive life


An accountant’s routine is exhaustive, they need to deal with clients, lots of paperwork and numerous conversations. This video shows in a more attractive way, how their routine can be improved by Nibo’s platform.

We’ve partnered with Relâmpago, responsible for the illustration, to create this original video.

  • Client Nibo
  • Year 2015


  • Felippe Silveira Animation
  • Relâmpago Illustration
  • Matheus Pinheiro Sound Design


  • Animation
    Felippe Silveira
  • Illustration
  • Sound Design
    Matheus Pinheiro


  • Animation
    Felippe Silveira
  • Illustration
  • Sound Design
    Matheus Pinheiro

Behind the story

The Client

Nibo is a software company that created a service to make accountants life better, helping them to get all the information they need easier and faster, facilitating the communication and the accountant work.

Their objective was to make an attractive explainer video, that could show details of the interface and explain details of the service to engage new customers and expand their audience.

Partnership with Excellence

This was our second project working together with Relâmpago. They came to us and presented the script and voiceover the client provided. Our main goal, working together, was to develop a design and animation flow that would turn the script into a more interesting story. Relâmpago developed amazing illustrations for this project, while we focused our work on the animation.

Highlighting characters

We have two different main characters that represent Nibo’s users. Each character is followed by a color scheme that helps the viewer to differentiate each other.

The first character is the accountant, he’s always represented in front of a yellow background. The second character is the accountant’s client and is represented in front of a gray background. Defining characters and elements using specific color schemes is a tool we use to make it easier for the viewer to identify each character’s role and actions through a story. It’s also used to relate a character even if they don’t appear entirely on the screen.

Focusing on the details

A big challenge in this animation was the fact that most scenes happen behind the computer. We all know this task is usually too static and because of that we had to overact some of the character’s actions. You can see that we are not only moving finger or hands, but the whole character body – hands, arms, shoulders and head – to build a more dynamic scene.

Not only that, but we also needed to pay attention so each click or typing that appears on the interface had to be simulated on the movements of the character’s hand.

This attention to details make the animation more realistic, even when we are overacting it to make it more dynamic.

Creating the typing animation was a time-consuming task, because we needed to create a rigging – Like bones and muscles – for each finger, in order to animate each one of them isolated. It’s a huge amount of work, but it gives that nice amount of detail that enhances the overall quality of the story.

Rigging of Fingers to simulate the typing of the user

Enhancing movements

At the first office scene, we have a moment when elements fill the screen and the table of our character. Some of those objects were solid like folders and boxes, but others were soft like the sheets of paper.

To give a smooth and dynamic movement to the papers we developed a specific structure for them. Doing that we were able to animate all of them together, falling and bouncing at the same time, and giving a more dynamic touch to it.

Frame by frame animation

We always like to use frame by frame animation to enhance the overall animation experience for the viewer. Even when used in small details, our minds perceive them and we fell as if the animation is more real and fluid.

Have you noticed the falling coffee cup? To develop a dynamic movement , we animated the coffee going out of the cup and falling back in, as a way to increase the dynamics and movement of the scene.

We also created frame by frame animations in the transitions between the accountant and his client. A great example is when we use a rotation movement to transit from the client back to the accountant. Working with classical animation is not an easy task, takes a lot of time to refine it but the result is always more than satisfactory.

The last details

We ended up the video simulating the accountant usage of Nibo’s interface and creating a camera movement transition to close the video.

This animation needed to relate to the accountants exhaustive and stressful routine and at the same time presents an innovative solution. Combining a great design with great animation, we ended up with a video that is both attractive and rich of details, grabbing their audience attention.

Nibo’s Animation had in its first month more than 20.000 views and has improved their presence in social media.

As storytellers, our work is not restricted only to illustration and animation. Trying our best to improve the script and making it more dynamic is esssential for a succesful project.