Meet Joe!

The modern
real estate agent


Meet Joe! is the story of a Real Estate Agent that started using a mobile app to improve his workflow and to have more time for himself. He’s now able to work faster, smarter and enjoy his time with his family.

Created for the release of HipPocket’s app on the AppStore, after a period of beta-testing, it has been a success of audience and their user base has increased in over 100% in less than a month.

  • Client HipPocket
  • Year 2015


  • Raff Marqs & Felippe Silveira Script and Illustration
  • Felippe Silveira Animation
  • Ben Toalson Voice-Over
  • Matheus Pinheiro Sound Design


  • Script and Illustration
    Raff Marqs & Felippe Silveira
  • Animation
    Felippe Silveira
  • Voice-Over
    Ben Toalson
  • Sound Design
    Matheus Pinheiro


  • Script and Illustration
    Raff Marqs & Felippe Silveira
  • Animation
    Felippe Silveira
  • Voice-Over
    Ben Toalson
  • Sound Design
    Matheus Pinheiro

Behind the story

The Client

HipPocket is a private social network for Real Estate Agents, created to improve the speed and efficiency of communication within a local real estate agent community.

A Real Estate Agent current workflow is full of gaps and time-consuming activities that are solved by HipPocket‘s app. It’s free to join, secure and private, but only accessible to Real Estate Agents.

Their Goal

The goal of the video was to spread the news of their app release on the app store and present the app for new users, showing how easy it was to use and how it could change their workflow.

Building the concept

The concept supplied by the client was that they wanted to have a character using the app to showcase its features.

Since we live in a world focused on mobile and social media, we wanted to reduce the need to see the actual interface as people will be seeing the video in small screens most of the time.

That’s why we defined a new concept:

A story that follows the day of a Real Estate Agent to show the viewers how HipPocket was able to improve the character’s life.

Developing the story

A good story needs a good script so we started working on it after several talks with the client where we questioned them about the app functionality, their market vision and how a common day of a real estate agent would be.

There’s a constant exchange between concept, script and storyboard and that’s the beauty of the creation process. We go back and forth, analyzing things, bringing new ideas to the table and trying to improve each and every segment of the video.

Storyboards can open minds and while we sketched, we had the idea of using a first person view to bring the viewer closer to the action and to the character.

Our Characters

Our main character is called Joe. He’s a sweet guy, updated to the trends in the real estate world and always trying to improving his workflow so he can convert more leads into contracts.

We also have another Real Estate Agent, without name or face, that appear from time to time as a matter of comparation to showcase Joe’s new life because of the app.

Life is full of objects

We love props and ambients, and we know that they are a big part of our life. That’s why we created so many exclusive objects for the animation.

Simplifying an interface

Our objective with this simplification was to engage and create a connection with the audience bringing more force to the story. Someone who is tired of his workflow isn’t interested in the interface he’ll use to share a listing or in the form he’ll have to fill. He wants solutions, that’s what HipPocket’s app is able to do and that’s what we needed them to understand.

Making the interface a secondary detail during the story can show that it exists, but the functionality is more important.

Becoming the character

Even when we had to present Joe, we chose to show him in a mirror reflection.

Since we wanted the viewer to feel as close as possible to the character, we came with the concept of doing a Point-of-View animation. This was something completely new for us and a great experience.
An interface is always a small detail inside a bigger experience so we wanted the viewer immerse himself in Joe’s life, instead of paying attention to moving elements. **We feel emotions easier than we understand transitional interfaces.** and that was what we wanted the real estate agents to feel.

Colors tell a story too

We chose a vivid color scheme, that could bring the idea of life and joy, as well as being eye-catching, so we could gather people’s attention easier.

The color scheme was also used to help build a continuity for the story by using predominant colors for each situation:

  • Turquoise to represent Joe and his Clients.
  • Yellow to connect all the indoor scenes – House and Office.
  • Purple to connect all the support scenes where we explain or show things that aren’t related to Joe’s day.
  • Red to represent all outdoor scenes – Coffee Shop and Street

Finishing with a cherry on the top

We talked with our great Voice-Over and Sound Design partners and directed them according to the clients needs of joyfulness and positiveness in the brands view.

The funky background music matched the brand’s vision of joyfulness and brought together with the voice-over and the sound effects a great final touch to the video.


As you can see, there’s much more behind a simple concept. Everything is built and thought to bring a unique and integrated experience, that the viewer will enjoy and absorb.

There’s no better way to tell a story and engage then to bring the viewer into the story itself.