With New Responsibilities Comes New Content and More Value

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Yes, we are back!

Felippe and I have missed this channel of communication with our readers. People who were subscribed to our newsletter actually received some really exclusive content during the past month, and it seems that they liked it :)

If you don’t know Femke, she’s an amazing person. Other than this, she’s also the co-Host of a podcast and the Co-Founder of The Apartment, a studio focused on designing and building websites.

Now, we are bringing everything back and we want to do it better this time. A long time ago we asked our subscribers what they wanted to see and hear here. Their feedbacks showed what we were doing wrong and what we need to fix in order to evolve and bring more value to them. Those feedbacks and the month we spent away from writing in here, actually helped us to see things with a new perspective.

It’s incredible how you can always find so many flaws and come up with so many ideas when you get a certain distance from your daily life.

Another thing we noticed during this break was how the amount of hustle we were doing was starting to have a bad reflection on our days and in our work. With that, we made a decision and now we want to announce that we are adding sabbatical weeks to our calendar.

What are sabbatical weeks

No, it’s not a religion thing. It’s something many people do. The most famous ones that come to my mind when I think about it are the team at seanwes Network and Stefan Sagmeister sabbaticals.

Sean and his team take a week off after every 7th week.
Stefan, on the other hand, takes a year off after every 7th year.

The idea is that we get so close to what we do on a daily basis that we need some forced distance in order to start seeing things with clarity again. It’s not only about the work or the business but about us as creatives and individuals. We all need a refresh after being so focused on something.

Talking about retreats, MOWE is going on a trip

It’s not a vacation but a real business travel. We are packing our things and going to the beautiful city of Barcelona, in Spain, for the OFFF Festival. A really amazing festival with some of the most relevant Creative Directors, Artists and crazy people from Design’s World.

New kinds of content for you

Since we are changing everything around here we also want to create new kinds of content for you. We have a lot of plans, but we still have to consider some things here and there to decide what to create. All we know is that we want to go beyond the written form :)

Social Media Zombie

How could we talk about new kinds of content without talking about where we’ll be sharing them? We are bringing our social media back to life after almost a month with no updates. We’ll try to share even more snippets of our work, personal experiences, case studies, articles and relevant information from both Animation and Design fields.

We guarantee good content so if you don’t follow us, this is the perfect moment to start :) You can find all the links at the bottom of this page.

Revamping everything

Since we took this month to work more on our stuff, we also had the opportunity to analyze more what we have been doing and how we could improve our output.

We revamped the article’s header of our website, adding now categories to our posts, which will help you to search for more content of a specific category. We are also adding a better way to find other articles without having to go back and forth on the blog archive’s page – This update should be working today, but I’m not a Backend Developer and WordPress isn’t collaborating with me. I’ll be live, soon :P

We also changed a ton of other things. The total list so far is of 88 improvements/bug-fixes, but I won’t share the list here for your own sake :)

How things will roll from now on

We used to talk about a lot of things here on the blog, but right now we want to focus more. We may eventually talk about Design, Professionalism, and Clients, but our main focus will be on both Animation and Illustration.

We’ll create tutorials about animation and illustration, share tips on those subjects and discuss details about our animation process as a whole.

We also have a list of our reader’s requests, so their questions may resonate a lot with you too. If you are in doubt if you should sign or not, just go and do it.

Real Stories and Results

We have a ton of case studies locked in a locker full of dust. Sorry for that, It has been really hard to manage everything but we just opened the locker last week and start to remove the dust off everything. More case studies really soon :)

A Huge and amazing project is on the way

We closed an amazing project that we are incredibly excited to work on. This project’s scale is something we have never done before and the creative possibilities are almost infinite.

We are really excited to tell more about it but for now is all we can say :(

Weekly Value

One of the things our readers told us lately is that they missed the visual content we shared on Dribbble and Instagram.

We have to admit that in the beginning we thought about sharing a little bit more of our work on the newsletter, but we didn’t want it to be a showcase of ourselves. Now that we received those feedbacks we are reconsidering it and we’ll test for a while to see if you like it.

New format

Weekly Value now will be composed of two parts:

  • Work-in-Progress of what we are working at MOWE.
  • Valuable Content with no defined format. It can be an article, a video, a personal story, anything that we find valuable.

Oh! Just as a reminder, obviously, there will be no new content on sabbatical weeks. We’ll let you know as soon as we get to the first one.

New Calendar

Oh! The day is also changing. From now on, our newsletter will be sent on Monday morning, to help you to start your day and to inspire you for the whole week :)


People who decide to follow our work and our articles have a special place in our heart. That’s why they deserve better content and as far as possible, exclusive content.

Every new content will be released exclusively for our newsletter readers one week before then the general public. They also have a direct communication with us whenever they want to make a question, request a subject for a future article or just to chit chat.

That’s it! We hope you like those updates!
Talk to you next week :)

Telling stories and sharing experiences

About us

MOWE is a Design Studio that works crafting unique experiences for brands. We create not only for our clients, but for ourselves and the community.

We want to tell our stories and teach people about the challenges we have to deal on a daily basis when you work in the creative field. Telling stories is what fascinates us, so why wouldn’t we share those with you? ;)

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