Why an Explainer Video is so Important?

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One of the most requested projects we receive from clients is to craft an Explainer Video for them. Explainer Videos are a great way to promote and present your product/service, at the same time as you engage and build trust with your audience.

The importance of an Explainer Video

Startups have a preference for explainer videos because they usually have a system, a product, or a service that needs to be explained. Since what most of them build is something new, there’s a need to only market it, but also teaches about its importance.

Customers want to get information on the fastest way possible so they can be moving to the “next thing”. That’s why most people tend to only read highlights in a text, or even worse, don’t even read anything at all if they think it’s too long. Texts and static images only, don’t provide the level of engagement business and startups need, and that’s where the Explainer Video enters and saves the day!

Nowadays we are receiving a huge amount of information all the time. Presenting new information to your audience only with texts can be risky.

A good Explainer Video can condense a whole page of text into a creative and attractive story. It’s usually presented in no longer than 1:00–1:30 minute – it’s the perfect combination of content and attention you can build. Those type of animations can not only condense it, but the video is also able to engage more people.

Through a good design and animation, these videos help business and startups to grab attention, keep the audience engaged and — one of the most important — it promotes! Yes, with an Explainer Video a company can give information at the same time they promote their business. Videos have a “shareability” factor that helps it to reach more than the current website being present on the social media. It helps to attract more people and to generate more web traffic.

Social Media nowadays is all about video, not texts

The importance of using Explainer Videos in your business

A business that invests on Explainer Videos, stands out from their competitors. Not only because they are adopting a creative way to promote itself, but because people love a good story.

The great aspect of these videos is the story it carries.

There’s no explainer video without a story.

Even if a business is only presenting how their services work, without the focus on promoting it, it’ll need a good story to grab the audience. Telling the story in a non-linear way; playing with humor, mystery; abstracting it; using different “angles”; developing an original music to it; etc, are only some methods that can help a story to stand out and make people resonate with it.

It’s all about a good story

What turns those videos to be effective is the story they all carry. Sometimes, business and startups try to develop the whole script and storyboard before contacting a professional. Even tough it can look as the best way of doing it, it’s not the best practice.

Business owners know a lot about their company but don’t have the proper narrative skill and knowledge to develop an innovative and creative story.

A good professional always needs to take those pre-script and pre-storyboards the client presented and work over it to enhance the story. Being open minded and giving the opportunity for the designer to present smarter solutions, gives you the confidence of making a good investment.

Saída Certa by MOWE

Here’s an example of an Explainer Video we did at Mowe. It showcases an app functionality and tells a story at the same time. This video has both presenting and promoting focus. We made it for a Brazilian app and we shared it in Portuguese even tough our audience is an English Speaker.

We did that to present that even with some texts in Portuguese, the message can clear for every language. The story is not only attached to the Voice Over or a Script. It’s built from all the elements in a video.

What if you have to choose between reading a full page of text (that will need some minutes of your attention) or watching a 1-minute video that explains everything?

You’re right, and your audience thinks the same way ;)