Doing things the right way

We make sure the projects we accept are the ones we are really passionate about, as it enable us to dedicate ourselves entirely to craft successful work with a remarkable quality.

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Why we care about process?

We built MOWE because we wanted to make unique things. Good ideas are important for a good project, but without good development an idea only results in failure. Success in a project isn’t magic, but a process that takes time, knowledge, research and a huge amount of work. We have been developing our process through years of experience in many different fields, with many different teams.


Understanding your business

We thrive for excellence so we’re selective with the projects we take on. Before starting anything, we always ask for more information about your company, clients, objectives, past experiences and your current expectations. Our clients must be open about their business so we can understand every risks and opportunities to success.

If during our process we identify that the best solution for your goals or needs isn’t related to what we do, we will suggest you to take action on that instead, as a matter of professionalism and honesty.


Discussion and Agreement

We consider that professional trust, financial and judicial security are great for a healthy work relationship. Detailed answers are required as a method to visualize both big and small pictures of your business and understand your truly needs with the project.

We work with contracts and non-disclosure agreements to guarantee both rights are secure and that every private information shared with us will remain private.

Taking the time to discuss your goals, expectations and each other’s role is the project is essential to set the foundations for a successful project.



We only quote projects after knowing the best way to achieve your goals, that’s why we don’t give quotes only based on a list of requirements sent to us.

The gist of our work is to focus on your success and our rate is based on the amount of value and financial return our work is able to bring in the future. What we charge is not meant in any way to be competitive, but to be seen as an investment you’ll be making in your own business.


The right philosophy for good excellence.

MOWE’s work is focused on your business’s goals and your clients. Because of that we follow a personal philosophy of professional trust. We give our hearts and mind every day to do good work and that’s why we are experts in what we do.

In this philosophy of trust, our clients must provide a clear overview of content and goals. The full extent of their responsibility is to answer our questions and let us understand their business. If there is a general stylistic direction they are seeking, this preliminary input is welcome. However, if we are approached with a very specific example of how the design should look, or with an example for us to “copy”, no matter if it’s on the concept, design, script or animation step, we immediately decline.



What we craft is a collective sum of objective design decisions. The creative process must be performed solely by a professional and the only external input that should be considered relevant is what is defined on the preliminary briefing. Allowing uninformed specifications to direct or influence the process leads to failure and this is totally the oppose of our values.


For this reason, an effective end result is not one that even us in our experience are able to forecast—let alone our clients lack experience in the design field.


We refuse most of the requests received so we can say yes to the ones we know we will develop with excellence and lead to successful results.

Our clients come to us because they desire the quality shown in our portfolio, that is only possible by a mutual trust between our approach and a potential client.

Our work is nothing without a good client to support and help us with the knowledge of his own business and field.

We don’t provide options, but a single solution found to be the best way to match our client’s goals. Our choice is based on a deep study, iteration and our previous experiences.

Since our work is focused on the client’s goals and his audience, the final visual result can differ from client’s expectations. We do what’s is best for them to achieve their goals.

If you like the way we work and you’re willing to invest in quality, talk to us because we’ll likely be an excellent fit and we’ll do a great work together.