Our Story

Born in Brazil’s carnival,
Established in the USA,
Working around the world

The Studio

MOWE is a Solution-focused Animation Studio based in the USA but working across the world. Ready for today’s global needs, we are pros at working and collaborating in remote environments. We are problem-solvers at heart, with a common passion for animation and storytelling.

Having design methodology in our roots, it allow us to make projects successful through research, analysis, iteration and hard work.

We are passionate about storytelling because it allows information to be experienced by the viewers, becoming special to them.

We don’t only create for clients, but also for people. Communities are powerful and we do our best to help them to grow. You’ll find us on online communities, organizing real-life events, writing our weekly newsletter, and soon in our Youtube Channel with Behind the scenes of our projects, our routines as professionals and much more.

Global Presence

MOWE was never created to be a big studio. We believe in the power of being small, being adaptable and being selective.

We stand for quality and that’s why we chose to have a fully remote team. It allows us to work with the brands we believe the most and to partner with the best professionals for our needs at each specific project.

Our Story

Felippe and Raff met a long time ago in University but followed different paths inside the Design field. After years of good and bad job experiences, they found themselves in different countries but with the same dream of doing work in a different way. Their partnership and friendship created a strong combination of skills and in the beginning of 2015 MOWE was founded.

The studio was created back in their native city – the beautiful and sunny Rio de Janeiro – and built under the values of Professionalism, Sustainability and the power of Design Methodology as a tool to help understand and solve problems for their clients.

One year after its creation, the business went to international seas and was opened in the USA. The team, on the other hand, is international and adaptable, working from different places around the world.

The Founders

Cultural Baggage

We lived and worked in many places and with many teams around the world. Communication and culture are critical to us and that’s how we manage to help products to grow, by focusing on getting their message delivered in the best way possible.

Rafael's Picture - Front View

Raff Marqs

Sailing between UX Design and Front-End Development, Raff worked for years in both web and app fields after his Bachelor’s in Design. In Brazil, he led a team that won two awards of innovation for the country’s biggest telecommunication company.

After a period of time living and working in Toronto, he now takes all his knowledge of the startup world to tell stories that can captivate people and help the growth of those businesses.

He’s the guy behind everything web-related from Mowe, the typography aficionado, our main illustrator and the guy who loves to write scripts.

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    I’m Colorblind, don’t ask too much of me.
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Felippe Silveira

He is Mowe’s focused guy. Felippe always knew that he wanted to make things move and that’s why he went to Barcelona after finishing his Bachelor in Design. At BAU, he did a Master in Motion Design and Motion 3D to improve his skills.

His experience comes from years of hard work, in different teams and with many big clients like C&A and Visa. His work has already been nominated for Best Motion Graphics Categorie at the Computer Artist IT Awards.

Felippe is responsible for every piece of work that has movement at Mowe. When he’s not animating he collaborates with some of the illustrations and with his experience in script and creative direction.

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  • Turquoise is:
    A dubious color, but for me, it’s Greenish Blue.
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Felippe's Face Sideview